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rambling_fancy [userpic]

Writing For Performance: notes, week 2

August 9th, 2009 (01:29 pm)

Robert McKee
Story: substance, style and the principles of screenwriting

"Unfinished work invites tampering, while polished, mature work seals its integrity."
~ p.7 ~

"A mature artist never calls attention to himself, and a wise artist never does anything merely because it breaks convention."
~ p.9 ~


James Ryan
Screenwriting from the heart: the techniques of the character-driven screenplay

"As Charles Bukowski, poet and author, remarked, "look for the uncommon reaction to the common experience.""
~ p.123 ~

"Personalizing a character does not mean using the biographical facts of another person's life, and then slipping a new name over that person--fictionalizing what is factual.  Instead you meditate on that person, and in the process, actually create a different character.  It is alchemy.  The magic is that the more specifically you personalize a character, the more specific, original, and distinct your fictional character will be."
~ p.124 ~

"In your effort to crack open your character, it is absolutely necessary that you are obsessed, detail-oriented, controlling, and self-absorbed.  Ask your family and friends to please understand that you are leaving the continent like Admiral Byrd and exploring dark Antarctica.  You are hypnotizing yourself, shutting out almost everything else for the sake of conjuring up your characters and their world.  There is no other way.  It has its cost.  But you must be willing to pay it.  You must want it badly enough to make it your first priority."
~ p.126 ~